How to Have More Energy for Life

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How often do you find yourself wishing you had more energy?

The usual quick fix when wanting more energy is to grab something with caffeine. Many people also commit to regular exercise, eating nourishing foods, and drinking lots of water to ensure their liveliness. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep is always a solid recommendation too. The list of tips and tricks is endless.

But sometimes, even after we do all of this and more, it still doesn’t feel like enough.

If you’ve ever felt like this, it could be because you’re lacking in another form of energy. Caffeine and healthy habits feel great physically and mentally, but there’s a part of you that depends on something bigger. The type of energy I’m referring to is your life-force energy. I know it sounds kind of sci-fi-ish, but hear me out. Your life-force energy is that drive that pushes you forward with enthusiasm. It’s what feeds off inspiration and motivation, creating excitement and passion for life. Anyone can get a buzz and power through the day, but to actually generate that vibrancy from within is a much deeper, gratifying, and longer lasting route.

Often when we talk about wanting more energy, we’re actually wanting more zest for life.

Just like you make sure plants have the right environment and amount of nutrients, you have to set yourself up with the right conditions to reach your fullest potential. The key is finding what works best for you. Below are a few of the mindset shifts you can start practicing to add more vitality to your days.

remind youRSELF of your “WHY” for Life DAILY.

Monday mornings are hard. After lazing around the house all weekend, I find it pretty difficult to wake up psyched to go to work. I’m not sure when I came up with it, but I started saying to myself, “Today will be healthy. Today will be positive. Today will be productive.” I have quite a few reasons to love being alive, but the three things that make me happiest are feeling healthy, positive, and productive. When I say these three simple sentences, I feel a burst of excitement for my day. I’m not always wildly enthusiastic about it, but it’s enough of a pleasant sensation that it usually pulls me out of my funk. Think about what brings you happiness and fulfillment, and remind yourself of it as often as you can.

Seek out motivation regularly.

As we all know, motivation does not often miraculously appear. When it does, it’s great–but you can’t leave it up to chance. One of my favorite quotes is, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing—that’s why we recommend it daily.” Whatever it is that gets you excited about life, seek it out daily. Look for YouTube videos, podcasts, books, documentaries, anything about it. Find others who love it too. Thrive on everything that makes you come alive. By making motivation a habitual part of your days, you will have a natural pep in your step just from that excitement alone.

Do things that take you out of your usual routine.

When we do the same things every day, we have a strong sense of stability—which is awesome. However, it can also give us a feeling of boredom after a while as well. When you’re feeling that lack of liveliness, it may be time to switch things up a bit. You can do something as simple as trying out a new hobby one afternoon, or as big as planning a weekend getaway. Follow your curiosity and see where it takes you. When I start to feel complacent like this, I like to try something new that usually takes me out of my comfort zone, like going to a restaurant or event by myself. My favorite part is that no matter how nervous I am beforehand, I am almost always thrilled that I did it afterwards. I think it’s because it helps me remember how much more of life and myself I still have to discover.

Let go of or limit the people and things that drain you.

Protect your energy! You could be doing everything right and feeling fantastic, but as soon as a Negative Nancy or Debbie Downer come along, you’re back in the dumps. You know the people I’m talking about. Unfortunately we can’t always rid our lives of these people, but we can rid our lives of their effect on us. All it takes is some mindfulness and practice. Realize this power you have, and you will be forever grateful for the peace it gives you.

Try your best to do all the typically recommended stuff too.

The “stuff” I’m referring to is drinking water, eating healthy, exercising/moving, sleeping well, etc. When you take care of the vessel your mind and soul are living in, they function so much better. How can your mind be fully at ease or your soul on fire if their own source of energy is lacking? Physical, mental, and emotional health go hand in hand, and attending to that balance is vital to your overall quality of life.

Life can be exhausting, so we do need to embrace our low energy days too. They serve their own purpose by helping us rest and recharge. But when those lower energy days turn into frustrating lower energy months on end, we owe it to ourselves to try and help pull ourselves out of it. The next time you wish you had more energy, take some time to consider if trying any of the above ideas would help.

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