Planning & Achieving Goals: Putting an End to Self Sabotage

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Last week we started the planning phase of working towards our goals. Now it’s time to put an end to any self sabotage in following through with this plan. We’re on to the fun part now: It’s time for some good old fashioned self reflection!

Getting honest with yourself about yourself can cause some discomfort, but once you push past that, it is beyond rewarding. Looking inward helps you understand how your emotions, perspectives, strengths, and weaknesses impact your life. It allows you to realize many of the things that may have blocked you from achieving your goals in the past. Reflecting on yourself can transform your relationships, career, spiritual life, and overall well-being. You become both self aware and self regulating–all from a place of self love. It’s completely worth any ounce of awkward feelings it may briefly cause.

Below are some thoughts to stay mindful of when you find yourself feeling less than motivated. Be sure to check out the calendar and worksheet at the bottom of this post if you want to put these brainstorms in writing!

Remind yourself of your “Why” and focus on how you want to feel.

This step is everything. Without the motivation of knowing why you want to pursue these goals, you’ll have a hard time convincing yourself to actually work towards them. Why do you dream of achieving this? What does it mean to you? Don’t just think about it; write it down and make it real. Visualize how your life would be different if you were to do this. Imagine how you would feel. Now, pretend you are the person who has already accomplished it. When you put yourself in the mindset of the successful person you want to be, you’re more likely to make choices that align with that life. Remind yourself daily of why you want this and how you want to feel. Your strongest source of power is already within you; you just have to tap into it.

stop worrying about “where to start” and dig in.

You’re not going to wake up on your “start” day and suddenly feel certain of your direction. If it was that simple, you probably would have killed all your goals by now. Even if you do know your direction and all the steps you need to do to get there, you need to actually do them. We tend to want to get everything done, so we try to multitask. But then we spread ourselves so thin with multitasking that we end up getting nothing done! We also can get so caught up in planning and making sure conditions are perfect for success that we don’t actually take action. So pick an action and just do it. One thing at a time, one day at a time.

Prepare for your mental blocks and distractions.

What’s gotten you off track with your goals in the past? Self sabotage is often rooted in our underlying fears and the false stories those fears create. For example, I find myself thinking something like, “I’m a weirdo for thinking anyone wants to read what I write about.” When we think these thoughts, we often avoid them by distracting ourselves. I waste time on social media when I should be writing a blog post, because I’m so terrified of writing crap or dealing with my perfectionism. When this happens, I remind myself of the people who thank me for my blog/tweets. It pulls me out of that fear mindset & back into a productive one. Whatever it is that holds you back, know that you can overcome it. Replace your false stories with true ones (even if they don’t feel true yet), & you’ll soon have a much easier time taking action.

Start and end your days with intention.

We often have little control over what happens to us throughout our day, so we can only plan for what we can control. Most of us get to choose when we wake up and when we go to bed. We also get to choose how we use this time. Structure these times for success! Setting up simple morning and evening routines for yourself ensures you begin and end your days with a positive mindset. Try waking up earlier so you have more time to get stuff done or simply visualize how you want your day to go. One of the best things you can do is think of what you’re grateful for while you make your bed. Practicing these habits boosts your mood and heightens your chances of making positive, productive choices and reactions throughout your day.

Accept the fact you aren’t going to “slay” every day.

To be honest, “slaying” every day sounds straight-up exhausting. Your brain, body, and soul literally need to rest in order to function at their fullest capacities. It’s okay if you just want to veg out to some Netflix and comfort food every now and then. Having unproductive days does not mean you’re failing or taking steps backwards. These days just mean you’re recharging for more productive ones. Also, just because you’re not wildly enthusiastic or crossing a million to-do’s off your list in one day doesn’t mean you’re not making progress. Be happy with any progression, even if it’s small. The fact that you’re even trying to better your life is headway in itself.

Be patient with yourself.

I’m starting to notice I give this exact piece of advice for almost every life situation…but you know, it’s pretty essential! Like I said earlier, you’re not going to punch every day in the face, and chances are you may feel like you screwed up here and there. That is okay. It’s a part of being human, and most of the time these crappier days actually help you grow more in different ways. Always remember to be patient with and kind to yourself and know that each little step makes a difference. Be the source of encouragement and support you would hope for from a friend or family member. All you need is all within you.

Let’s Get Started.

In less than a week, a new month will begin – giving you a perfect time to start fresh with your plan and new productive habits. Until then, take time to reflect on your life and how you’d like to affect it in the coming month. Can you think of what specifically has held you back from making these changes in the past? It’s most often not a lack of planning that keeps us from sticking with our pursuits; it’s our mindset.

With this in mind, let’s dig into how our thoughts affect our chances of lasting achievement. By contemplating and answering the questions in this worksheet, you may identify what has held you back in the past and how you can avoid that self sabotage now. Then, use this calendar to break down your big picture goals into smaller, actionable steps you can take each day to get there.

Let me know how you are preparing for crushing your goals next month in the comments below or by contacting me! I’d love to hear from you.

Get your free Goal Crushing Calendar and Self Reflection Worksheet by clicking the links!

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  1. I like these tips, thank you so much! I think one effect of pretending you’re the person who has already accomplished the dream would be that probably that person would be so happy and thankful to her past self for staying motivated to achieve her dream! 🙂 That way you’re both motivating yourself and thanking yourself. I love it.

    1. That is such a great point! Reminds me of the quote, “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.” I love it; thank you for sharing! 🙂

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